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C  O  N  S  C  I  O  U  S        L  I  F  E  S  T  Y  L  E
FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS brand was created on the unique concept of the colorful lifestyle that was introduced in 2012 by Valeria L. G. Barrett in her book "Valeria ROVALUTION: Living Life Consciously". 

Valeria L. G. Barrett, who is also the Fashion Consciousness Magazine's editor and publisher, is a conscious image and lifestyle expert, certified holistic life coach, humanitarian and recent candidate for her Doctor of Philosophy. She combines more than 25 years of expertise in fine arts, entertainment, fashion and costume industries.

Valeria is known as critically-acclaimed international trend-setter, recognized for her prophetic fashion forecasts and the ability to set the tone of the future trends in fashion, personal image and lifestyle. Since 1999, when she pioneered a zipper-fused holographic combo-garments in New York, her designs got attention from such celebrities as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Kevin Costner, Robert F. Kennedy and others. Today, she continues to expand the public's perception of the innovative designs, ethical fashion, conscious fine art and holistic lifestyle by introducing a new "conscious-color" movement. Her "out-of-this-world" futuristic visions and a unique personal style are based on European sophistication and American functionality.
"The  universe  is  breathing  through you,  don't  hold your  breath."

Valeria L.G. Barrett 
Photography by Natallia Hancharova
FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS (FC) is a Southern California based lifestyle brand that aims to help shaping a better and healthier future for local communities as well as the world overall. We offer a hand-made unique products and services to customers who are seeking holistic lifestyle. Contact us for a customized experience.

FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS is for conscious citizens of the world. We believe that the creatives of this world are the pulsating heart of this planet whose responsibility is to propel the global society towards a higher level of consciousness. Promoting arts and ethics are essential for the educational advancement and wellbeing of our civilization — they are vital for the human survival and well-being.
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